When the Stars Grow Dim

When the stars grow dim,
And the lights fade,
So does all hope fade.

When the stars grow dim,
All quiver with fear,
Even those against you tremble.

When the stars grow dim,
You know then evil has come,
It will not let you off,
Not lightly,
Even if you fight or surrender.

When the stars grow dim,
Fight your hardest,
Listen not to the fear in your hearts,
Yet do so that you can defeat the darkness.

So when the stars grow ever so brightly more,
Let those who die be mourned and never forgotten,
And let those who survived come fort,
And always be hailed the hero against the great darkness,
For when darkness comes again they will be there.

Frances Lejeune is a student at Catholic Distance University and is a Theology Major. She is expected to receive her Associates June of 2019. She also writes about day to day life about living with depression, anxiety and loss.

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