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It is ok to be Autumn!

There seems to be this idea that moms, especially stay at home moms, that they should just love their lives all the time and keep their complaints to themselves. I love my kids more than anything, but it’s not all crafts, cookies and cartoons. It’s okay to say you don’t want to stay at home. It’s okay to say your kid is being a massive jerk today. It’s okay if you don’t love every single minute of every single freaking day. I’m not just Mommy, I’m Autumn too. And y’all Autumn gets restless and bored teaching her kid his ABC’s. She hates nursery rhymes. She hates pretending to be excited over the same story she’s heard 8.7 billion times today. Autumn loves her kids more than life itself, but doesn’t always love everything about parenting and that’s OKAY. And she doesn’t need you to tell her how blessed she is. She knows, but she’s also a human being with thoughts and feelings. #momlife#postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety

Autumn Witt-Miller is a mother to 2 children, and is a military spouse. She writes of her daily struggle with Postpartum depression and anxiety. She and Frances Lejeune are sisters, and often refer to one or the other while dealing with their struggles. You can find more of her stories on her Facebook Blog A Journey Through Postpartum Depression.

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