Love is in the Little Things we do!

Brett and I have been married for almost 10 months, so I am sure that us giving out marriage advice would be frowned upon. However, there are little things that we do that makes the other happy, and the ways that we show love to the other that we would like to share.

I like to write little love notes for Brett and slip them into his lunch box. Back when we were dating, we would grab some chalk and write little messages to the other on the walls and doors. I liked to hide mine so that when he was cooking he would find them. No we did not live together before we were married, so when he came to TX to visit me, I got a small chalkboard for him to do the same at my house.

The ways that I show love to Brett is cleaning out the litter boxes, and washing the dishes and clothes. I HATE washing dishes, and  I do not think that the litter boxes need to be clean as soon as he does. However, doing those little things shows to my husband that I love him very much.

Brett likes to bring me flowers, and fountain Pepsi. Now yes sodas are bad, and I do try to limit the amount I drink, but for him to bring me one when he is getting gas on his way home from work shows that he was thinking about me. Brett has shown the depth of his love for me back in August. In August, I was committed to  a mental hospital due to a breakdown. I was there for 5 days, and the hospital was 3 hours away from our house, yet Brett showed up almost every day to see me for just an hour.

Brett and I like to still go on dates with each other each week. Sometimes we go on poor people dates, and use coupons for Burger King, and some of the other places that send us coupons for food. Sometimes we go to see a movie. One thing that Engaged Encounter taught us was that date night is important no matter what state of your relationship is in. Once we have children, it will be hard to go to the movies all the time, but we can ask Brett’s ma or pa to watch the little/s while we get an hour to ourselves.

I think making times for just the 2 of us is hard in this world, however, it is possible, if both parties want it.  I think knowing what makes the other person gush with “He/She does love me” on a daily bases, is most important to keep the relationship alive. And yes it is ok to make cheesy love poems. And to reuse them if necessary.

Phrases I use:

  • You are sweeter than a Diabetic coma on a spoon
  • You are sweeter than Honey and Hotter than a red pepper ( that is what he calls hot pepper)
  • I love you
  • You are sexy

I will not give all my ideas, but if you run out of ideas the web is filled with them. And do not forget the kids, they too like to open their lunch to see a note from ma and pa!

Frances Lejeune is a student at Catholic Distance University and is a Theology Major. She is expected to receive her Associates June of 2019. She also writes about day to day life about living with depression, anxiety and loss.

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